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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Daily: How I Use Fashion to Get Over Heartbreak

Heart break is a very private, heavy, and treacherous obstacle for anyone to overcome. The greater the love, the greater pain. 
I have basically lived the last 6 years of my life with this thing called "heartbreak". The best way I can describe it is like an emotional pedal note that rings heavy undertones throughout my current existence. What's one way to deal with it? Fashion.

What you choose to wear, has an attitude, emotion, and power. If you dress powerful you feel powerful. You may have no control of the pain in your heart, but the first step to achieving some  what of a life, is regaining back that power. 

You have 2 options.Take advantage of the situation and make yourself better, or let the situation ruin you and settle for something that was not meant for you.

I choose to become a powerful woman. Here is the first step to getting you there! 


                                  LEATHER AND STUDS

In the past couple of years I have grown a love for leather and studs. I never actually saw myself as the type to wear a leather biker jacket, with studded black boots, but, it is empowering. You really walk a little stronger, and care a little less.

                                     STRONG BLAZER

A strong blazer is masculine in nature. It pulls your shoulders back,  in a way that allows you to be all business. You don't need a man, or a woman. All you need is a goal, a plan, and the energy to do all the work to get there. 

                                       BLACK POWER

Black interestingly enough, is not a color, but the absence of color. Wearing black is powerful. There is something somber within it that allows you to collect your thoughts and sort them out. I always feel more organized and in control of my life when I wear all black.


Clothes that are cut harshly, create edges, transmitting powerful energy. This type of style keeps me pushing forward, and not looking back. Add some some strong accessories and you are ready to conquer the world!

                       HAIR THAT MAKES YOU FEEL POWERFUL

Pulling back your hair in a chic, tight bun behind your head, makes you feel empowered. Unlike flowing long hair, or wispy bangs, there is no room to hide. There is a refreshing quality to having nothing fall on your face, and a level of added confidence in showing your entire face uninterrupted. 

Take care!

Join me tomorrow for more Daily Fall Style!



  1. Great, thoughtful post! Love the notion as I think most people have been through heart-break of some sort...
    Christina ♥

  2. Nice picks !!
    Love these looks :-)