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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#NYFW : DELPOZO SS2017 (FT Joaquín Sorolla and Soo Sunny Park)

DELPOZO SS2017 is a collection that envelops you into a bubble of light, shapes and movement. 
There is a nostalgic feeling of tradition that runs through the blood of Delpozo, and yet there is also an undeniable pull towards the contemporary. The mind remains fresh, stable, and invigorated. 

  Creative Director, Joseph Font displays inspiration by the works of Contemporary Artist, Soo Sunny Park, and Spanish Impressionist,  Joaquin Sorolla, in his SS 2017 Collection.

Boundary Conditions, 2014
 Soo Sunny Park 
stainless steel, plexi, paint, daylight
Britain Museum of American Art

The creations of contemporary art that is then inspired into the fashions of Delpozo, leave the viewers breathless and awe struck. 
Boundary Conditions, 2014 is displayed at the New Britain Museum of American Art. It is a geometric wonder that displays the capricious characters of light itself. Contrasting the painting of pigment verses the painting of light, the artwork changes constantly throughout the day. 

Unwoven Light, 2013 
Soo Sunny Park
plexi glass, daylight, wire, 

Delpoza accessories strongly resemble the Soo Young Park's 2013 creation of Unwoven Light. 
Iridescent bags, earrings and shoes evoke the power of refraction. 
Viewing such changeable factors in a light exhibition, one contemplates the relationship of ephemeral fashion verses the nature of light itself.
Unwoven Light, is featured at Rice Gallery and experiments with the character of man made light verses natural light. Manipulating light that remains constant and adding the element of natural light, creates an art piece that reveals who it really is on multiple levels.

Clothilde at the Beach, 1904, Joaquin Sorrel

Inspired by Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla, Joseph Font beautifully structured white dresses embody the essence of Sorolla's infamous seaside paintings filled with light. 

 Depolzo's white dresses capture the beauty of sun-bleached sundresses and  gravity defying silhouettes. 
One can almost feel, smell, and hear the seaside. 


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