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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fashion, Transgender, and the Crap We Believe

As you may have all heard, former Olympic Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner, has recently admitted to his transgender ways, and declared himself as a woman. Currently, as a "trending" topic, I find myself intrigued by how uncomfortable people get when identity, fashion and gender do not match up to the social stigmas they were born believing. 

As depicted on the doors of universal toilets, a boy wears pants and a girl wears a skirt, try switching things around and all hell breaks loose. People enjoy labels and categories, because it is convenient and easy. Unfortunately, such conveniences, creates a society based on identities predestined by gender orientation and physical appearance. The question of who are you, remains insignificant to the idea, what are you?

For example, the whole concept of creating the word "transgender", is a mistake in itself. It's like having two main teams and putting the odd balls in the corner with another useless label. The point should remain on who you choose to be. Identity is a choice, and something you create, free of any stigmas.  Life often mimics high school and it is time we realize there are no rules in creating who you are. Social groups, and finding your spot is a waste of time, and emphasis should be made in creating your own way, and persona. The term, "male" or female is strictly a "biological" one and it should not restrain your thoughts, preference, or ways of self expresssion. 

 Fashion in all ways, should be the first to adopt the new mind set, of "no rules". The idea of " to be a women is..." or " to be a man is..." should be abolished and corrected to finding what it means "to be (insert your name)..." 

You, like the fingerprints and DNA you were born with, are completely, and unexplainably unique. You are far more valuable than any label could ever begin to understand or describe. Do not cheapen your existence by defining your life based on social pressures. 

Fashion is Freedom.


PS. sorry, about the very late post on my "Sakura" dress. New posts coming soon!