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A Letter from Maya

Dear Reader,  
        Welcome to TALKFASHION! 

 Inspired by nature, art, music, and culture, TALKFASHION, covers the evolving force of self discovery. 

The  inner dialogue between you and your heart is the key essence of finding yourself and your style. 
Forever looking to what inspires you, fight the gravity of normality.
Be brave enough to make  mistakes, and have courage to walk the path alone.
What you wear is equally simplistic and complex. They say, " Never judge a book by its' cover, but how introspective to create the perfect cover for a specified book!

You are a what you wear and within that equation is art.  
The greater the art the greater the message.

What do you feel, and how will you arrange your image today?


Maya Horikawa

(Creator of TALKFASHION)

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