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箱入り娘, is a Japanese proverb describing a metaphorical "box" that surrounds a girl who was raised in an overprotected family, and given very little freedom. 

 At the heart of TALKFASHION, is a Girl in a Box (箱入り娘). For her, fashion is an inspirational  tool to discovering herself, and finding her voice. Breaking free from her mental prison, requires cutting the need to impress, and the importance of her heart. Observations of nature, art, music, color, and emotions, are all used as guides to push her senses of expression.
 What she wears is no longer just garments to keep her warm, nor are they tools to impress her peers. Clothes, are now a self discovery tool, of creating an image that reflects the person inside.

Join TALKFASHION 箱入り娘 Girl in a Box, and follow her artistic journey of introspection, inspiration, and self projection.


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