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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Firmoo Review: Who said Glasses Make You Boring?

As far back as I can remember, I have worn eyeglasses. Four eyes, nerd, bookworm, you name it, I was labeled all of them. Clark Kent the journalistic "nerd" wore glasses and his alter ego, 'Superman' did not. While teen movies depicted girls removing eyeglasses and braces and blossoming into a butterfly.Eyeglasses use to have a negative stigma of nerdy-ness, and the design itself lacked in creativity, personality, or variety. 
If eyes are the window to the soul then eyeglasses use to represent the curtains that covered them.  Thankfully, the glasses of today have abolished all such stigmas, and have embraced them as a worthy category of creativity and style. Fashion has taken over the genre of eyewear, and is bursting in celebration of color, design, and the magic of framing the face and eyes. 

Recently, contacted me regarding a review on their range of fashionable and affordable eyewear line.  If I am honest, at first I was very skeptical about reviewing eyeglasses that were so affordable. I usually pay at least triple the price, and was worried about what kind of quality I would be dealing  with.To my great surprise, the lenses were fun, attractive, and of good quality. In general their entire collection is full of personality, and uniqueness. Normally, when I would invest in lenses I would pick the classic black, or tortoise shell, but with such affordable prices, you can take a risk on designs less practical but much more fun. 

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How to Customize and Create a Nail Look Perfect for your Outfit

Nails are often overlooked  as an accessory of fashion, but it is not only inexpensive, but a super easy way to upgrade any outfit. 
More than you may realize, nails are one of the final notes we see, and attention to this tiny detail is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. No outfit is ever complete without the right nail. 

How to customize and create a nail look perfect for your outfit:

One of the easiest ways to customize a nail look, is to pull the same main colors of your outfit as your nail polish choices. Try to pick no more than 4 and from there decide how you want to use the colors, and which ones to emphasize on which fingers. 

To add quirkiness, be playful on the colors you use and how you use them. Play around with accent fingers, and throw away any rules of symmetry or unity. Always rationalize your choices by the tones set by the outfit. If your style is classy, then simplicity is key. If you prefer fun, quirky, or artsy style, then intricate designs of  hand painted detail will take your outfit up another notch. 

Add textures to your nail art by mimicking your outfit. Think outside the box, and experiment  with new ideas. Try new techniques such as this nail dotting pen. It is easy, and affordable, but very effective.