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Friday, August 23, 2013

Style Tip 5: How to style a look around your shoe!

Hello darlings.We have all experienced the moment where we stand in front of our closet and say the famous words, "I have nothing to wear". The truth is, you have more than enough clothing, but you just lack inspiration. When you simply cannot think of an outfit in your head, look to your shoes for some help. Try to find your most unique pair and work an outfit around it. If all your shoes are strictly black or nothing interesting, and you have no money to go buy yourself a new pair, there are tons of DIYs on YouTube to help you out. One idea would be to paint the bottom of your shoe any color. Christian Louboutin is famous for the RED soles, and it adds instant sex appeal. Choose any color you like and paint away. From here we are ready to begin styling an outfit. Let's start out by assuming you have a very ordinary black stiletto, and you decided to paint the sole a classic red to mimic a Louboutin. From there you could be inspired to put peeks of sexy red in your accessories. Maybe wear a classic Black and White dress, with Ruby red lips, and a red bag. Whatever outfit you choose, I would choose a RED accessory. Whether it be a belt, jewelry, a scarf or a bag. Be careful not to over do it. Remember it is sexy because there is only a peekaboo of red. Have fun with it! Xo Maya

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