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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Make-up Straight from the Runway

It is time to take your pinky pinks and beachy corals, and put them aside. Fall is here, and this means its time for warm earth tones and bewitching jewel tones. The 2 Fall must haves are, 1) a dark burgundy/red lipstick 2) a warm jewel or earth tone eye shadow. Lips: Now is the time to pull out your sexy red lips. Normally the rule is to wear a darker red during fall, and a brighter one near Winter/Xmas. Eyes: Smoke them out. One tip is to balance the power of eyes vs. lips. If you are wearing a strong lip, then wear a smoke earth toned eyeshadow. If you want to wear a bold jewel toned eyeshadow, stick to a lip tint, or gloss xx -m

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