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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Style!

Hi dolls! When we travel, most of us think, long hours, stuffy cramped chairs, and uncomfortable airports. of course this means, fashion flies out the door, and slumpy hot mess here we come. I'm here to say, "No!" You can look amazing and still be comfortable. Proudly sport a face with no make up, but still look great! My recommendations are leggings, and a cool loose oversized funky tee. I prefer 100% cotton made of jersey, it is the best and most comfortable. On top of that a nice fitted blazer of choice. You will also need a scarf to protect you from getting a chill, sometimes the airconditions are crazy in the aircraft. If you have contacts, dont wear them, they will just burn out your eyeballs. This is the time to pull out those funky eyeglasses, and put your hair up in a crazy bun. have a nice sized messenger bag, and slap on some lip balm and moisturizer! You are now a jet setting fashionista. As far as shoes, if you are brave, and can handle a high heel, opt for a flat platform, but as for me, I jut wear some cute ballet flats . xo and happy traveling! - Maya

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