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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn Days: Going to the Art Gallery

Today is a gloomy day, filled with work. Thanks for visiting my blog and coming with me to the Art Gallery. I usually do not follow trends but today was a particularly Grey day, and it felt apropriate. For those of you who didn't already hear Grey is currently the new black. It is versatile, elegant, and matches every color. I enjoy to wear grey when the clouds are heavy, and ready to rain. I probably should have brought my umbrella, but it is so typical of me to wear fur the one day in the year it rains. When I go to the Art Gallery I enjoy wearing muted colors that do not outshine the Art. If you wear busy textile, or ostintatious designs, you might as well be on display at the Gallery. Museum attire should be simple. I like mostly black accessories, and a bit of glamour with my diamond stud earings. Thanks for coming with me to e Art Gallery...See you tomorrow! x- m

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