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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How do I Tie My Scarf?

Scarf Season has arrived! Here are 12 interesting ways to style your scarf this Fall! Enjoy. :) xx -M 1.) Wrap and Tuck. This Scarf style has the same effect as a man's necktie. It is a perfect style to use when sporting jeans, and sweater. 2.)Butterfly. This elegant look is perfect for those scarfs with a different color from front to back. Would look amazing with a tight black turtle neck and black pencil skirt. 3.) Wrap around. A loose, relaxed way to wear your scarf. Perfectly with flowy outfits. 4.) Necklace Scarf. The easiest way to add style and glamour to a scarf is looping it into a necklace. Try this look on your evenings out. 5.)Standard. This unstyled way is perfect for those outfits that dont want to be fussy but just need a punch of color or textures. 6.)Bow it. A super quirky cute way to add charm to your look. It is especially adorable, with pleated short skirts, peplum tops. 7.) Vest like. Simply drape your heavier scarfs around your neck, and belt your waste and voila, you get the effect of a sweater vest. 8.)Sexy top. This will need a bigger scarf shaped as a Square. Tie behind your neck, and wrap around your waste. 9.)Knot. Simply knotting the end is cute and practical. It prevents your scarf from flying away and still adds a nice texture to your look. 10.)Braided. This scarf style is like an inverted braid. Wrap around your neck, take the two sides and tuck one over the other through the loop. 11.) Belt. Why limit belts as the only way to show off your waste? 12.) Loop and pull. This is perhaps the most popular way to wear scarve. simply take the side with loop and tuck in the ends.

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