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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Festive Nail Collection

Hi Ladies! I recently received a early holiday gift, and decided to write a mini product review. A collection by KLEANCOLOR, Nail Lacquer, and I have to admit, it is fantastic. I normally cannot stand nail polish and you will normally never see me take any risks when it comes to my nails.Clean, clear, and well groomed but hardly ever colored. However, this collection has given me a change of heart. Nothing makes me more excited for the holidays than this sparkly collection. A perfect gift to give to another fashionista, or as a special treat for yourself to jump into the the holiday spirit. Today I am wearing "Kiss Goodbye". It is a combination of saphire, ruby, and emerald glitter and it has the most amazing consistency on your nails. It shimmers in the light, reminiscent to christmas tree lights. The collection includes 6 mini colors. Grey, is named "Black out", and it contains black and silver glitter with octagonal shaped silver confetti. It reminds me of snowflakes I use to see when I would go to Christmas Markets sipping warm gluwein. Silver named "Grand Finale", is clear, with metalic confetti that is exactly like what you see shooting out on New Years Eve. Gold: named 24 Carat is a clear polish with gold glitter, and gold diamond shaped gold confetti. ( My New years nails will definitley be a mixture of "Grand Finale" and "24 Carat") Green is named "peaceful heart", and it is a clear polish with green glitter, and emerald blue hearts. Red is named "VIP", and is a clear polish with red glitter. Burgundy- Purple is named "Goodbye Kiss" is a clear polish containing a mixture of ruby, emerald, and saphire glitter.

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