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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The MUSE of D&G amp; Winter Collection

WINTER Dolce & Gabanna “TAILORED MOSAIC” *Inspiration* Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana were inspired by the mosaic of Monreale for this collection. Located in a province of Palermo, in Sicily Italy, it overlooks a fertile valley called, "La Conca d'oro", meaning Golden Shell in Italian. The church is dedicated to the assumption of the Virgin Mary, and is adorned with magnificent golden mosaics. The church is a national monument of Italy and the most popular attraction of Sicily “The city of Monreale started to become important around the XI century with the arrival of the Normans in Sicily. The Cathedral of Monreale, consecrated to Santa Maria Nuova, was built between 1172 and 1185 under the commission of the Norman King William II of Altavilla, together with the archiepiscopal Palace and its beautiful cloister. In the top half of the walls a series of golden mosaics were created between the end of 1100 and the middle of 1200. Two of these mosaics represent William II crowned by Christ and William II who offers the church to the Virgin. Local artists and experts from Byzantium and Venice were called in to realize those striking works of art.” Dolce & Gabbana made use of the abilities of artisans of the highest level to create mosaics on shoes, dresses, jewels and bags. As the art of mosaic-making is a slow and precise one, achieved by placing single piece next to the other, at the same time tailoring is made by single stitch after single stitch. *Shapes and proportions* “A-line” and hourglass shapes. *Fabrics* Wool and silk organza, brocade, herringbone, checked fabric, poplin, double-stretch crepe and lace. *Prints* Mosaic on organza, double-stretch crepe and brocade. *Accessories* Princess and Queen-style golden crowns encrusted with stones and mosaic. Gold filigree bustier embellished with stones and mosaic and dedicated to Saint Agatha. Agata bags that are an homage to Catania’s saint patron: Saint Agatha. Filigree bags. Shoes with filigree and inlaid-mosaic sculpted heels. Platforms with mosaic. Sunglasses with mosaic and golden filigree. The finale was of no disappointment, completed by a collection of the most magnificent Red lace dresses enriched with embroideries and stones. The entire show, was a masterful interpretation of history, art, and fashion was also completed by a perfectly choreographed soundtrack, by Nino Rota from “La strada”, “I clowns”, “Il Bidone” and “Boccaccio ‘70” directed by Federico Fellini.

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