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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blogmas 18: Eloise inspired Look


High waisted pleated skirt
$83 -

Lace stocking

Valentino red strappy pumps
$1,120 -

Eloise! I cannot begin to tell you enough about one of my favorite holiday movies! "Eloise at Christmas Time", is a Disney movie based on the infamously popular children book series!

Eloise, is a rambunctious little girl, filled with spirit and mischief. She often finds herself in trouble but her care free, fear nothing attitude, is refreshing and admirable.
I have always wondered, how can I take this fantastic character and somehow make it fashionable and wearable for a much older fashionista. First of all, I kept to the black and white theme, and stayed true to the character by remaining playful witht the accesories. Opting not to put a bow in the hair, I styled a black bow for the boouse, and paired a trio of red animal printed, spikede Valentino accessories. To add more quirk, a very fun pair of Purple Marc Jacobs sunnies! 
- M

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