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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogmas Day 3: Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas! ( my favorites)

Hi Ladies! For many years now I have been stuffing my own stocking, and It has become a tradition to stuff it with my favorites! It is my little place to treat myself, and splurge a bit. My candy of choice are the cute hearts in Haribo STARMIX. Unfortunately, you cannot find STARMIX in the states but normally these hearts would be a must have. My favorite chochlate is GODIVA, and I would always have a santa one to join my stocking. I would then treat myself to a high brand designer holiday palette, or nail lacquer. Some other possible gifts are, gorgeous cell phone cases, cashmere socks, antique lockets, or charm bracelet. This Alexander McQueen charm bracelet is definitely on my wishlist! xx - Maya

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