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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blogmas Day 5: Visiting Santa!

Blogmas Day 5: Visiting Santa!

Chanel coat

Michael kors pants

Lip gloss
$4.91 -

Le Vernis

Whether you believe or don't believe, visiting santa is no joking matter. To believers, Santa ranks higher than visiting the Queen, or even Mickey! What do you wear to see such a legend? First, on a practical matter, remember he lives in the North Pole and it is very cold. This time of year he will be very busy in the workshop,so dress comfortably in flat boots, and trousers. I have chosen rare flat CHANEL boots and Michael KORS lace pants. For my top, a fluffy, soft, white sweater turtle neck also by CHANEL. For my coat, I have chosen a vintage red, CHANEL trench, a magical antique belt, and peppermint CHANEL purse. For Nails, of course always go with red, and a candy cane lipgloss to show your Christmas spirit. Have fun,and remember to peak into the little windows and watch little elves crafting away! xoxo - Maya


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  2. hi millex. i just checked out your blog, love your style!