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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogmas Day 7: How To Be a Snowflake

Blogmas Day 7! Today's look is inspired by the beauty of a SNOWFLAKE. Snowflakes are light, fluffy, precious, and rare. Can you imagine amongst all the snowstorms, fallen snow, snowball fights and mad scientists, there is yet to be two identical snowflakes fallen? Can you even begin to imagine all the variations and patterns this would require? For those who are lucky enough to spot falling snowflakes, immediately recognize its beauty. They are the beauty queens of everything that fall from the sky. They do not plop on your head like rain, or shoot at you like hail, but they flutter and dance through the sky like fallen feathers from angel wings. They are the magical moments of winter when you recognize you are truly touched by something special. Embrace your uniqueness and let yourself shine this Holiday season, after all, you are a Snowflake. xx - Maya

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