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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Audrey Hepburn's 10 Must Haves!

Audrey Hepburn's iconic style is a timeless look that continues to inspire the world  over and over again. This natural beauty, surprisingly had quite a "no fuss" style, 
for her daily life. Most key pieces, you may already own. 

1.) Simple Classic jacket.
2.) Black top, ballet cut
3.)  Classic White button shirt
4.)Black cropped pants
5.) Gold hooped earings
6.) Black Sunnies
7.) Blqck Ballet Flat
8.) Red Lip
9.) Eyebrow Makeup
10.) Mascara

When channeling your inner Audrey remember to not forget your posture. Audrey was a ballerina for many years, and her beauty and grace is what transforms these simple pieces into graceful accompaniments.

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