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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Organize Your Accessories!

Organizing your Accessories is often times the one place we all fall short. Usually they end up in a box, or a drawer, but completely unorganized and usually left unused. Organizing these fashion accessories will be the difference between a complete look or one that always seems it could be a little bit better.

Children's Drawing Easel

You can find them at Garage sales, thrift stores, for very cheap. Simply spray paint them to match your room, and glue on a old picture frame to the board. From there simply add knobs and you are ready to hang your necklaces. Finish off by finding cute shaped boxes and you have the most adorable accessory station.

Vintage Tea cups and Bowls

Collect adorable little cups and bowls and store in drawers, making a very cute and easy way to keep your precious earrings or rings form getting lost.

Frame it!

Find interesting frames in various vintage/ thrift shops, and string lace ribbon to display your fabulous earrings as a piece of art.

Cake it!

Often times you can find adorable items in the baking department. Normally used to display baked goods, they are also adorable ways to show case your jewels. 

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