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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Style Knee Socks!

Knee Socks! When knee socks are styled correctly, they are perhaps one of the sexiest little accessories of Winter! However, There are some rules that will help you be a fashion hit rather than a fashion miss. 

1.) The Gap- This should be at least a 1 inch gap between the socks and the hem of the dress or the top. 

2.) Heels- Unless you were naturally born with long legs, it is best to wear heels with knee socks. The extra length will compliment your figure and prevent stubbiness.

3.) Shoes- Mary janes, or boots are the best fit for knee socks.

4.) Thickness of socks- If you wear super warm thick knee socks, your outfit should also be a heavy knit or thicker material. If you are wearing a lighter silk or pre-Spring outfit, you can wear a sheer knee sock, to compliment the textures of your outfit. 

5.) Skirts, or shorts- Knee socks are fantastic with shorts, mini skirts, or baby doll dresses. 


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