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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My 10 Rainy Days Must Haves

My 10 Rainy Days Must Haves

Rainy Days can really bring down your spirits, from the muddy streets, busy traffic, and overall dreery darkness. However, with a bit of preparation, you can thoroughly enjoy rainy days and the poetic atmosphere they bring. 

1.) Umbrella: Pick an Umbrella you love. Do not just buy some whatever umbrella you dread to use. Not only will it bring your spirits down on those rainy days but it will do nothing for your inner inspiration. 

2.) Raincoat: Find an adorable raincoat and coordinate it with your umbrella. Not only will you look unbelievably fashionable, but your outfit is practically complete. No need to worry about getting wet or struggle with what to wear. 

3.) Ionic Brush: Rain weather usually equals frizzy hair, but with the power of ions and the advanced technology we live in, we can now have soft, shiny hair even on those rainy days.

4.) NO Frizz Spray: For extra unruly hair spray your hair with a bit of this amazing no frizz spray. Save yourself the stress, and enjoy the beauty of soft falling rain.

5.) Rubber Hair Ties: Having hair ties with you will always come in handy.

6.) Fancy hair tie: Pick a cute hair tie you can wrap around a cute pony or bun.

7.) Rain Boots: Nothing is more annoying than water in your shoes. A cute pair of rain boots saves you the fear of ruining shoes or having wet feet all day.

8.) Perfume: Soft, crisp, rain, freshly fallen, is a beautifully refreshed smell. However, after you get wet and then dry off, you usually end up smelling like a shaggy dog. This is the time to have some perfume handy, and spritz a refreshing scent. 

9.) Waterproof Mascara: For obvious reasons, melting mascara equals panda face. Not cute.

10.) Headphones: Honestly, rainy days are the days I get most of my inspiration. Put on some beautiful music, headphones, and take a walk and look around. It is unbelievably beautiful.


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