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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Lanvin crystal necklace
$1,540 -

Anna Sui nail polish

Dressing Skinny! For those of you who may or may not have added a bit of holiday weight here are some Tips to still look fabulous!
Tip 1: Black is your Friend!
 Always slimming, but not necessarily a color you have to wear head to toe. Use black wisely, targeting  your problem areas. For example, if you want to minimize your belly wear a dark top, and a loose oversized sweater in a bright color. It will act as "shading", and instantly minimize the size.
Tip 2: Be careful with Belts: 
Despite what you may think, cinching the waste is not always flattering. If you want to flatter your shape, remember to wear something loose on top, and cinch above the fattest part. 
Tip 3: Statement necklaces or Scarf it!
Its all about the face. You want to bring the eye to your face. Darken the body and use these accessories to add a pop of color up to the face.
Tip 4: Bright lip and Bronzer
Puffy face? Nothing is a life saver quite like some bronzer and face contouring. Pop a bright lip and you are ready to go
Tip 5: Heels
Nothing elongates your body quite like a heel. Put down those flats, and work out that sexy leg!


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