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Monday, February 3, 2014

Enchanted Rose Petals transform into Gorgeous Dresses!

Enchanted Rose Petals transform into Gorgeous Dresses!

Love-U-ary!: Day 4

"The Enchanted Red Rose"

There once was a girl who loved the color red. She was very spoiled, and never learned the art of sharing. Her closet was full of gorgeous Birkins, Louboutins, Valentino, everything in different shades of red. Her Beauty was like a rose, but her heart was sharp and prickly like thorns. 

One day, a beggar arrived to her chateau. She was dirty, old and clothed in rags. She asked her, could she spare her a coat? Anything would do. The girl who had a closet full of coats, cardigans, shawls, furs, refused to part with any of them and threatened to call the police if she did not get off her property. The little beggar warned her, a life of selfishness is no life at all, but the girl just laughed and pushed her away. The old lady chanted a little spell in Latin, and then the girl transformed into a beautiful Rose.

A single enchanted red rose she was. Trapped. With every fallen petal, she magically transformed into another spectacular red dress. The most gorgeous, breath taking collection of dresses she became. This was her life now. Dress by dress she approached the fatal day. The day when the spell would be final and the last petal would fall. Forever trapped as beautiful red Dress.

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