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Friday, February 7, 2014

Kim Kardashian Murders her Pink Dior


Kim Kardashian is a beautiful girl with some questionable fashion choices. However, when she showed up to the Jimmy Kimmel Show, wearing a pink dress from Dior 2014 Spring Collection, cut in half and backwards, you know I would have something to say about it. 

Although she has admitted to cutting up her dress, it has never been publicly stated that she was also wearing it backwards. However, anyone who knows Dior and especially their 2014 Spring line you know their zippers are located in the front. This collection is elegant but seductive, and the peek-a-boo leg through the zipper is a flirty yet elegant way Dior has mastered femininity, yet again! 

My only question is, why wear Dior if you simply want to change it into a High School craft project?
Dior is perfection. From the stitch work, materials, to design concept, you are experiencing luxury to its fullest. Designer Couture, is pieces of ART. The horrible cropped top, stitched with bubbling, shortening of the sleeves, hem length, flipping front to back, and disregarding the open zipper and flirty black shorts is Art mutilation. This dress was murdered. 

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