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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ombre French Tip Nails!


Traditional French tipped nails with ombre? Can we say, genius? 
Not only does it look more natural, it is so much easier to achieve this look yourself, than the traditional way where you have to make a straight like that almost never looks right. 

So how to ombre? 

1. You will need, a sponge, toothpicks, or little paint brush, clear plastic, and your desired colors. 

2.) Paint all your nails with the lightest color.

3.) Drop several drops of the two colors, side by side, on a clear plastic surface. 

4.) Mix the the middle section of the adjoining color to creating shading.

5.) Take a sponge and gently go over the nail polishes.

6.) Lightly press onto nail.

7.) Let dry.

8.) Finish off with top coat

All finished! xo

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