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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christian Louboutin Moves into My Old Home?!

Christian Louboutin in Brussels, Belgium?!

For those of you who may not know, I spent almost 8 years in Brussels, living right on Grote Zavel, or Grand Sablon, which is now the home of the coveted LOUBOUTIN! The shop is literally on the same street as my old flat, and about 5 seconds to walk! 

If this is not salt on a wound, I don't know what is. My only bitter joy comes from the fact that it is literally  impossible to wear gorgeous Louboutins or any slender heel for that matter in Brussels. Most roads are cobblestone and any designer shoe is destined to death along these unstable walking grounds. 
I once wore a pair of brand new burgundy MIU MIU a long Sablon, and the heel immediately got stuck and just fell off. You really must have a thick heel when in Europe, but Louboutin's finest are usually sleek, slender, and very high. It also rains all the time, and has ruined a half a dozen of my priciest suede/ leather shoes. 

Obviously, I am just making excuses, and I am madly jealous. If you live around Belgium, or Brussels, check out this amazing shop, and perhaps leave your credit cards at home. You really can catch a bad case of shoe brain and do some serious damage. 


Place du Grand Sablon, 21
1000 Brussels

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