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Monday, March 17, 2014

Giorgio Armani Spring Collection 2014

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2014 is Magnificent! From hair, make up, jewels, and handbags, the entire collection is dreamy, magical, and from another world. 

 His usage of soft pastels, with a tint of grey undertones, give a mysterious quality of a midsummer night. The glistening bejeweled clutch adds the right amount of glamour and sparkle, to keep your eye transfixed. 
 Perhaps, one of my favorite pieces to his collections are the beaded chiffon pieces. I especially look forward to adding this to my own collection, and wearing it in the day with a casual tee and jeans. Smoke my eye out at night and wear it with a simple LBD.

 Armani's usage of amazing textiles, and shapes are reminiscent to water. This cute little, waist pinching cardigan, can be worn with practically everything.

 Moonlight Blue. His collection has the most beautiful usage of cobalt and cerulean blue. It made me imagine a beautiful lake glistening under the moonlight. Magical.

 Accessories, included plastic like bangles that reflect light. Purses, are of different types of leather, mostly clutches.

Most of the models wore these big, bold, circular blue earrings, with matching blue sandals. 

 Notice the detail in his collection. From the carefully beaded chiffon skirt to the clutch adorned with crystal rhinestones.

 The wavy water effect is again noticeable, and provides a cool, harmonious effect to a rather bold color.

 Armani has perfectly captured the beautiful effects of sparkling water. A magical dress, with intricate bead work, providing bursts of sparkling light with every step.

BRAVO! A unbelievable collection that has grabbed my heart and given me new inspiration! 


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