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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who is Krikor Jabotian!?

It is unbelievable to me, that I am just discovering this amazing designer, and more celebrities do not flock to him to wear his amazing creations! Every couture gown so intricately adorned, and utterly feminine. I have completely fallen in love with all his creations, and have decided to showcase his work in today's post.

Who is Krikor Jabotian? 

Krikor Jabotian is a Lebanese-Armenian designer who graduated from L'Ecole Superieure des Arts et de la Mode in Beirut. He began his career working for the famed house of Elie Saab. He soon branched out independently and was supported by, Starch foundation, to debut his first collection under his own name. 
After the success of his first collection, at the ripe age of 23 he set up his own atelier. 


  1. Loved so much this post! I didn't know this designer but as a fashion student I'll definitely put him in my fashion inspirations!!! Thanks you!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thank you for visiting my page and commenting. It is my hope to discover more "unknown" designers and feature them in editorials. Stay tuned for more, and if you have any designers you personally admire, and are not well known, please let me know. x