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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Luckyfabb: Essentials and Tips for Networking As a Fashion Blogger

In the era of the internet, "social media" reigns supreme, and networking is an essential tool for any business. 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, connects the world like one gigantic spiderweb making it possible for virtually anyone to gain quite a bit of power. However, the good old fashion way of, face to face networking, is still necessary and in my opinion equally effective. 

Just a couple of days ago, I returned from a fashion and beauty conference, Luckyfabb, at Beverly Hills SLS Hotel. I was invited to take part in a 2 day conference that featured collaborations with bloggers, brands,and sponsors. Super models, Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova, actress January Jones, and Nicole Richie were some celebrities that took part in this event. (Look forward to articles all week based on Luckyfabb)

The following are my "Networking Essentials" and my Tips on how to use them. 
(see above photo for corresponding numbers)

1. Notebook-with my logo on the cover.

- This notebook, is filled with my inspirations, for my site. The logo placed on the cover, corresponds to my website, and business cards. Visually, this makes it easier for people to recognize your website and connect it back to you. Think of it as a memory game. This is why brands always  stick to one logo and package and advertise their products without altering it.
-Know what you represent. You have about 5 seconds to network. If you don't know what you represent, you may have the best chat of your life but as far as your blog content, it will not be remembered.
-Don't forget you are a journalist. Jot down notes and plan future articles. Approach events with an inquisitive mind and you will be surprised at the amazing stories that exist around you.

*Whatever you do, do not simply stand there looking pretty with your head turned off, sipping cocktails.

2. I-Pad 

- Whether it be a smart phone or or I-pad, you will need one of these electronic devices or you will miss out. A huge fashion event such as this one, is backed by incredible sponsors, and brands. All throughout the day we had branding experiences where we were asked by companies to show case fashion styling with their products via social media outlets. 

I was asked by Caravelle to style a look around my choice of their watches and to share it on instagram. # Caravelle #luckyfabb
Notice, the circular gold frames mimics the watch, and gold head wrap give it a elegant look perfect for a cruise!

3. Business Cards- 
As everyone will tell you, it doesn't matter what profession you are, if you need to network you need business cards. There really isn't much time to try to find a piece of paper and jot down your information. Not to mention it looks incredibly unprofessional. Have all your social media accounts clearly on the card making it easy to connect on all platforms. 
Keep your cards somewhere with easy access. Do not stick it in a huge bag,that takes ages to find. Every second is critical and the quicker you get it out the longer you have to get to know the other person.

4. Business card Holder-
Whether it be a bag or container, having a place to put all the business cards you receive, will prevent you from misplacing them. Events like these are crowded, and chaotic, and sometimes I received 5-6 cards at the same time. Putting them in one pocket here and one there, can cause panic and chaos later on. 

5. Pen-
Bring a good pen, and several back ups. Asking someone to borrow one, makes you look unprofessional  and unprepared.

6. Dark Sunglasses-
Everything looks more fashionable with dark sunglasses, just look to Karl Lagerfeld or Anne Wintour, who constantly wear dark frames no mater how dark the rooms are.
Ok. Im not serious about wearing dark frames everywhere I go, this would after all make you quite unapproachable. However, just because an event is held inside, it does not mean you won't have lunch, or a chat outside. Squinting and looking un-comfortable is not a good look. 

7. Name Tag and Pass-
With most fashion events, you will receive a pass and name tag that you are "suppose" to wear. However, nothing ruins a look quite like these tacky plastic tags that make you look like "staff". Are you working here or were you invited? 
Don't worry about pinning the name tag across your chest. It is more personable to shake hands, look eye to eye and introduce yourself with a smile and your business card.

8. Camera-
Take photos when you are inspired. Also keep in mind your future articles relating to this event, and take corresponding photos to add to your blog. Always think ahead. 

9. Itinerary-
Most Beauty Conferences will hand you a folder with an itinerary. Don't lose it. It will keep you organized and plan your thoughts. You can lose a lot of time looking for a specific branding room or forget to attend an important event. Events like these are chaotic, and everything rushes by so fast. Anything that keeps you even a tiny bit organized should be kept close by. 

I will be blogging all week about my experiences at Luckyfabb, including up close and personal conversations with Coco Rocha and Nicole Richie, and other tips and perks of the business. 


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  2. This is an awesome post Maya, people forget that social media is not everything. Thank you for your tips x

    1. Hi Jessica Jade,
      Thank you for the comment. Im glad you found it helpful, I just visited your site, and I enjoyed it very much, Take care.


  3. Maya, this post has been so interesting to read. I'm not in this field of work, but it's always fun to see how the others live! By the way, I checked your "About Me" section and was blown away by the yellow dress and boots. They are such, such, such happy designs. Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. hi Chic and Alluring,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed my fashion designs. xx


  4. Interessting post!
    xoxo Aziza

  5. Love this post! As I'm new to blogging and Luckyfabb was my first event, this is super useful. The logo notebook is a great idea!


    1. Hey Angie,
      glad to hear some of this was useful...


  6. What a great post this is! As a beginner, I love learning new things from experienced people like you.

    1. Hi Silke,

      Thank you for your sweet words. I am glad this post could be of some help. always remember, my tips are not rules, simply suggestions that work for me. x

  7. Hi Maya, I'm also a new blogger and I always wonder how bloggers get to organize big fashion events, you might ruin the whole thing if you are not organized or well prepared. Thanks for these amazing tips.will definitely keep it in mind.

    1. hi wafaa!
      thanks for your comment! Like life, fashion events are what you make of it. If you want to make friends and socialize then you don't really need anything. However, if you want to network and grow your business, then of course this will help. x