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Friday, May 9, 2014

TOKYO Fashion Show Defies Gravity!

The "Sky Fashion Show" was held on May 7, 2014, in Tokyo's exclusive fashion district, Ginza. 
7 performers dressed in GUCCI, were harnessed in wires, while they walked face down the SONY building measuring 42 Meters. They then continued in acrobatic style, mimicking something you would see on the "Matrix" or "Cirque du Soleil".
The event was hosted by Japanese publishing house, Shogakukan INC, in collaboration with Gucci. They were celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of their Fashion Magazine, 'Precious'.

The best way to describe this event, is PR STUNT. The whole point of the event was to gather media coverage and attract a lot of international attention. 
Here is the problem. Yes, they succeeded in getting our attention but they failed in their preparation of a true runway. Any documented photos were much too far away, at a poor angle and poorly lit. 
The GUCCI galore worn by the performers might as well have been dirty sweats because nothing was was at all visible. They should have considered how photos or videos would be documented and then distributed to the press and social media. All photos fail to show any details, leaving only a blur over the fabulous Gucci creations, 
If it were up to me, I would have hooked up a "Go Pro" type camera on the performers as they suspend down the building. This way we can have a view of what they are seeing. It would also be interesting to have a camera that is pointed towards them so we can actually see the details in their amazing Gucci couture, and then project it on a jumbo screen from all to see.  After all, it is a "Fashion Show" whats the point if you can't see the clothes?

          2014 GUCCI Collection featured in Japan Campaign. 

                                      GUCCI 2014 RUNWAY

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