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Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 Basic Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe

It is always easy to fall into a fashion style created by trends and followed by the masses, but how do you personalize it? How do you add your identity into what you wear and avoid becoming the girl wearing the same outfit as half a billion other girls? 
 If you follow my blog, you will know how I constantly stress the importance of finding your fashion identity and straying from cookie cutter styles.

The following are my 5 basic ways to personalize your existing wardrobe, and get you thinking a little bit more personal. 

                                         VINTAGE SHADES 

Whether it be shades or eyeglasses, they are in my opinion one of the most important fashion accessories to make a statement. After all, eyes are the windows to your soul, and the home of your fashion voice, why not dress them up fabulously?
I personally, have become completely addicted to vintage frames. There is literally, every possible design you can imagine. Some are completely crazy, and others quite serious, or comical. You cannot image how much character you can find, and how it is possible to find your exact personality in a vintage shade. 

                                       CHARACTER SOCKS

Whether you are a high powered lawyer, or a jet set fashion blogger, socks are an easy way to express who you really are. People often times over look socks as a fashion item, simply because they are usually tucked away and hidden. Nothing personalizes an outfit quite like picking socks that are exactly you! You can take a completely serious business look and add a flash of color in the most unexpected way. It is still professional, and yet now the look has a bit of you in it.

                                    QUOTES YOU LOVE TEE

Having relaxed T-Shirts with quotes you love, is a fantastic way to add your philosophical voice to any fashion look. 
It can also serve as a reminder to yourself about why you love it, and how it represents you.
A fashionably silent introduction to what you are all about.

                                 CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUTTONS

I have to admit, I have a bit of an addiction to vintage buttons. When I was in Europe, I would literally spend hours rummaging around antique markets, and antique stores collecting vintage buttons. Some are incredibly cheap and some are extremely expensive, but every single one is somehow completely unique. The craftsmanship is so ornate and beautiful I have often taken some and made earrings, brooches, and even hair accessories. 
One of the quickest easiest ways to personalizing any outfit is changing out the buttons. If vintage is not your style, even just changing them out with another color, style, or metal will easily personalize the look to your own.

                                       GET IT ALTERED

Never forget everything can be altered. Lets say you love the bottom of a dress but the top halter just isn't a good cut for your broad shoulders. Why not get it altered into a skirt, or add some fabric around the shoulders? Finding a good seamstress or even learning to sew yourself is a fantastic way to play around with your wardrobe.
 I constantly cut up my own clothes, and put it back together. It is a fantastic way to save an old item of clothing and breathe back new life into it.


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    1. Hi Senegalese fashon blogger!

      thanks for visiting my site again!


  2. I like the idea of getting things altered! I may do this for myself. I am also looking into getting more fangirl merchandise and quote shirts when it comes to clothes because, well, if I support something or believe something is right I want to show it! My clothes is just another way of doing so :D

    1. hi olivia,
      I alter almost all my clothes, even just a tiny a bit. I hope you enjoy trying out some of these tips.


  3. Nice tips! I want to try and change out some buttons now :-)
    P.S.: I really enjoy reading your blog, first time I comment though.

    1. Hi Mercedes!

      Thanks for commenting and revisiting my blog!