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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are You a Fashion Hoarder or Fashion Collector? +Functional Wardrobe Tips

Are you a fashion hoarder? 

I chuckle at this question simply because in many ways I could be charged, sentenced, and convicted of first degree fashion hoarding, simply based on the size of my enormous wardrobe. 

However, I am never one to go down without a fight, and I have created quite a strong defense.
I am a 'fashion collector' not a hoarder. What determines the difference? 

 A fashion collector, collects clothes as if they are treasures. They are kept organized, and clean at all times. 
A fashion hoarder, treats clothes as trash, leaving them dirty, wrinkled, and piled on the floor. Not only does this damage the clothing, but it makes it next to impossible to wear again. The motivation is driven by a combination of laziness, and material escapism. 

My issue is, I cannot easily throw away clothing. However, I argue, is it not just as sinister to treat your clothes like useless candy wrappers and trash them every season? This attitude is wasteful, and environmentally hazardous. We cannot continue to mindlessly throw away trash without thinking about the consequences.
 If you buy quality clothing, that are made from good fabrics, and stitched well, they can last you a lifetime. Yes, thats right a lifetime. 
Some items in my closet are dated as far back as High School. I even have a section for my mom's old clothing when she was my age. The key is to invest in "quality" pieces.  Trendy, low end brands like "H&M" is a waste of your money. It would be wiser to simply buy less or save longer and opt for something at Zara. I kid you not, NONE of my H&M survived longer than 1 year, a complete waste. 
My fashion desire is to create a treasure trove of fashion pieces that define everything about what I love, where I've been and what I love. Everyday I mix and match pieces from my life. 

The following are 3 Basic Steps to maintain a healthy functional wardrobe.

                                    DONATE or CLEAN IT
First Step is to decide, to either donate or to wash it. You should always always donate any clothes you wish to not keep. If you decide to keep it, then you must wash it, steam or iron. Keeping it clean is all about respecting your clothes, and the longevity it will bring.

                                              STORE IT

2nd Step is to store what you can. Most people will have a limited amount of space dedicated for their clothes, and storing it will be a must. For example, over 60% of my wardrobe are beautiful knit wear. However, I moved from a cold climate, to sunny California, and basically this means         
Spring/Summer everyday. I have neatly washed and organized all of these knits in boxes, color coded and stacked in a corner. It takes up very little safe, will remain clean and remain very easy to access if I ever need to. 

                                           ORGANIZE IT

Last Step is to Organize. Organizing your closet is a huge factor in how well you style yourself. The larger the wardrobe the more detailed your categories. For example, you may organize a section for your shirts. However, if you have a big collection you will have to break it down further. For example, t-shirts, button down, blouses, crop, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc. From there you should color code each section. It may seem tedious and time consuming, but you will be thankful every time you get dressed. 

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  1. Great tips and I agree totally with investing a little bit more in a quality items. They do last for the lifetime, especially if you take a good care of them.

    Fabulous 30s