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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Is Your Fashion IQ?

We all know what IQ is, and some of us may  even know what EQ is, but does any one know their Fashion IQ? 
If you are expecting a cute little quiz testing your knowledge on trends, labels,or designers, you will be horridly disappointed. Your fashion IQ has nothing to  do with your fashion knowledge and everything to do with your fashion perception, intent, and purpose. 

There are three basic groups that place you either in the high, average or low category of Fashion Intelligence. 

   1.) Highest Fashion IQ

The most highest and respected category  of fashion is "haute couture" or avante garde. However, most people scratch their head in bewilderment wondering, "Who would anyone ever wear that?" Why in the world is something so weird so respected?
To be honest, as a child I never understood this level of fashion either. I always thought fashion should be pretty and make you attractive. However, as I matured and began to understand the beauty in all forms or art, I was able to understand why this level of artistry is considered the supreme level of fashion. 
Fashion Intelligence is considered high when the intent of the clothing is to express.
 Whether it be a mood, a vision, or a statement, the intent is no longer to impress, or simply attract. This is often times why the hair and make up is crazy, and a bit strange, and the women may lack sexual appeal or beauty.  
This form of fashion style is a combination of IQ and EQ. Basically meaning, emotion plus intelligence colliding through  fashion. You literally transform yourself into a work of art. 

2.) Average Fashion IQ

The average fashion IQ is the styling of clothes in order to make yourself more attractive in order to benefit your social circumstance. This may include following trends set by celebrities, co-workers, or school mates, and it is often times used as a way to label yourself. 
The mental understanding of fashion is purely based on "how you look" rather than how you feel or think, making it rather easy to manipulate. This is largely the reason fashion is a multi billion dollar industry and people constantly buy things they don't even like. 

3. Lowest Fashion IQ

The Lowest fashion IQ is awarded to those who view clothing as a way to sell themselves. Everyone knows sex sells, and the 'barely there' clothing will be sure to get you a lot of attention. However, this form of style is actually not fashion at all. The main purpose is to manipulate the tension between naked and covered and the clothes itself really do not matter. The sexual innuendo is much too distracting and all anyone is thinking is, "you're naked".

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