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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Ways to Pick a Fashion Image that Is Yours

In the Fashion Industry, it is rather easy to get swept up in a abyss of clothes. Every season is marked by new trends, and new "fashion images". They are then plastered all over magazines, and used to hypnotize viewers to buy themselves a new image.
Yes, being "trendy" and copying runway looks, is an easy way to look good and champion yourself as "stylish". However, can you really call yourself fashionable if all you really do is follow the fashion flow of others? 
How can you find your own fashion path and step out of the lane? 

Here are my 5 easy ways to keeping your style Right for You.

1.) Who are You?
Not to get too philosophical, but if you want to be fashionable you have to know who you are and what you are about. Are you a student, doctor, actress, waitress, etc.? Your occupation serves as your "practical" factor. For example, if your life requires you to be on your feet, running around, then tight mini skirts, and 3 inch heels are probably not for you. Fashion always need to be "functional". It should work with you not "you working for it". 
Separate from your occupational side, you also need to know your inner you. This is the you that represents what you like. Do you like art, sports, music, books, etc.? Start getting inspired by what you love. 

2.) Don't be afraid to be Different

The worst thing for fashion, is the need in humans to be accepted. Nothing kills creativity faster than wanting to be exactly like everyone else. Trends feed off this human weakness, and seasonally more mindless fashion minions, buy into losing themselves. 
The more "popular" a style maybe, the less original you are. Try to always think for yourself. If you have a dress or shirt that many others also have, why not spice it up by cutting off the sleeve, changing up the buttons, or adding some other fabric? 

3.) The Fit

The shape, fabric, and style, best suited for you, should be decided by how it makes you feel over how you look.
 What makes you feel beautiful? 
For myself, nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than a flowy, A-line, skirt. As a shorter frame, this elongates my legs and is flattering whether in flats or heels. When you feel beautiful you will move, and hold yourself in a more attractive way. Remember in life, we are not a motionless photo. How you walk, stand, all contain wrythm, flow, and attitude. If you don't feel good chances are, you are not looking so great either. 

4.) COLOR!

Color is actually a fascinating phenomena that is often overlooked in life. Each color is scientifically proven to hold a different frequency and create different moods.For example, when we see pink we think "sweet". This is largely the reason we represent little girls to "pink, and bakers add pink food coloring to their sweets. 
To be honest, there is nothing more ridiculous than, following "color trends" that are marked every season. It is a decision obviously decided by textile companies and brands contrived to sell products motivated purely on making money. 
Color evokes emotion. Just because 'orange' is the color of the moment, it means nothing if the color is not right for you. Certain colors will give you comfort, and this is a sign your aura is fluctuating  on a similar frequency as that color.
 Motivate yourself, to follow your instincts. These instincts are what will bring you to the image you should be. 

5.) VINTAGE!! 

I can not stress enough my love for Vintage. For those of you who really hold no interest in it, at list give it a try. First of all, a Vintage Store, Thrift, or antique, is a whole mish-mash of STUFF. It is an excellent way to exercise what you like, without the mind manipulation that happens in "trendy shops" that strategically pose mannequins in fashion images that they want you to be. 
At first it may look like junk, but let your eyes settle into a new mindset. You cannot imagine the treasures you will find, and how much it improves your vision on your own personal style. Whether it be an interesting belt, or a 60's pouf dress, there is something for everyone. Keep an open mind, and the ideas will flow in. 


  1. "How you walk, stand, all contain rhythm, flow, and attitude. If you don't feel good chances are, you are not looking so great either."
    This is such a great go-to rule! I might use it for one of my "thoughts" of the day. Ofc i'll give u credits for that <3

  2. Hi Barbs!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Take care.