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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Christophe Gaillet is the World and European Champion of hair, and easily in a category far above the term "Hair Sylist". As the Artistic Director of the 'Haute Coiffure Francaise', he displays hair design as a living art form. Honoring all the characteristics of 'Haute Couture', he merges the world of hair and fashion, creating an entirely new genre of "Hair Couture".


Collaborating with such notable fashion designers as Thierry Mugler, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Azzaro, Balenciaga, and Balmain, his work is no less poetic, and filled with movement, energy, textures, and color.

Named as  L'Oreal's Professional Hairdresser Ambassador for over 20 years, he travels the world making Prestige Shows and transmitting his famous scissors skills into a LIVE performance. Organized by L'oreal Professional, he also gives master-classes. The main elements of his teachings focus on textures, volume, perfection in shape, geometry, principles of colorimetry, and psychological elements.

In 2012, Christophe Gaillet created a stunning new collection called ‘Creative Hair Couture’. The collection consists of amazing creations with the collaboration of Balmain Hair products.

The style he creates for women, exists in the underlines of a women’s natural beauty. In his vision, delicate shades in the hair are constantly moving and pulling out life from within every woman. 

Christophe Gaillet's passions and inspirations are drawn from painting and sculpture. As a well known fact, you must know art to create art. His favorites include works by Rodin and  Camille Claudel which gives him great inspiration. Finding strength in the manipulation of the senses, Gaillet has established himself as an Artist. 


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