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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FH5: Shopping in My Mom's Closet

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In the spirit of finding fashion that is friendly for the planet, let me share with you my favorite way to shop: raiding my mom's old boxes of clothes. I highly recommend for anyone to venture into your Mom's, Grandma's, or Aunt's old closets and search with an open mind for amazing treasures. (Of course always ask, and have permission)
 These three pieces are my most treasured Autumn pieces that I found in a box of my mom's old clothes. It is incredible to think that she wore these pieces around the same age as I am now. We are fairly similar in size but quite different in style. I personally, am more reserved than my mom, and tend to stay away from ultra bright colors. My mom's style is bubbly and bright, and it some how inspires me. I find great inspiration in the colors, and love the uniqueness of vintage fabrics and silhouettes. It is almost like a time machine, where you jump into her life, and imagine what her life was like before you existed. 

This dress is pretty amazing, and quite sexy. It flairs out to a beautiful A-line but it is quite tight on top. If I wear it out in the evening I will sometimes where a black shawl, green emerald drop earrings, purple wedges, and black clutch. 
If I want to wear this look casual I will throw on a black crop top sweater, black high boots, and a slouchy black bag.

This top is AMAZING! My mom got it from India, and the details, and craftsmanship is breathless. I wear this top a million ways.
Usually, I will have my hair in soft waves, with a couple of bohemian braids, and match the top with black leggings, black boots, and lots of fun accessories.

This blazer is so much fun to wear. It adds  life and energy to any look, and it is extremely well made. 
I usually pair it with a knit moss green, A-line dress, and matching pumps.
If I want to be more casual, I will wear it with a crisp white shirt, jeans, and brown leather shoes and belt. 

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