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Friday, December 12, 2014

Blogmas Day 11: OOTD Visiting Santa

What's a girl to wear when visiting Santa? 

Firstly, comfort is always important. I had a rehearsal today, so I didn't bother with any jewelry. The dress is an ultra soft knit, and the whole look was easy and relaxed. 

My dress is actually a dress belonging to my mom. She wore it when she was a teenager and it was a gift from her younger brother. I find the whole story about the dress rather intriguing and mesmerized by amazing it still looks. The colors are not faded, and all the stitching is still perfect. 

The shoes were featured in a previous blogmas, and how I jazz up a pair of shoes. (FYI You cannot imagine how many people have stopped me to compliment the shoes. Definitely check out that post.)

The bag is from Nepal and was also featured in my Holiday Bag Collection. 


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