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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogmas Day 13: Silver Bells Ring (DIY)

Silver Bells, are a magical symbol of the Holiday season. As the final scene of the famous book, "Northpole", silver bells represent the separation between those who can hear the bells verses those who cannot. 
As we all grow older we lose the ability to dream, or wish. Believing is harder as facts and figures infiltrate our lives.  This silver bell ring is meant to remind us to to take a moment and remember our inner child. It is quick and easy and would even make a wonderful gift. 

All you will need is a pair of scissors, silver string, two bells, and a ring. 

Step 1: Place the string behind the ring.
Step 2: Loop the string towards the front of the ring.
Step 3: Form a pretzel knot.
Step 4: Pull the knot tightly, securing the string.

Step 5:Take the two strings and form another knot
Step 6: Double knot it and pull the string tightly.
Step 7: Loop a silver bell through one string.
Step 8: Secure by creating another knot. Then add second silver bell to remaining string.

Secure by double knotting the two strings, and finish by trimming off the excess string.

Voila! Enjoy your silver bell ring, and hear it jingle all the way. 


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