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Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogmas Day 16: Remembering the Girl I Was

It's funny to think we all were once those tiny little creatures called a "kid". Everything I love most about Christmas is rooted from my childhood. Certain key Christmas songs bring a flush of memories, transporting me back to a time, where I viewed life in a much different way.
When I see little children smile and their eyes light up at the mere mention of Santa, it brings me back to my own memories of dreaming of the North Pole and hearing Santa's footsteps. It's hard to believe I was once filled with 98% imagination and 2% sugar. 
As an adult, I have experienced the harshness of reality and it is a constant challenge to keep your heart strong and willing to believe. The world can jade you, and it is in Christmas that we need to remember the vibrant child within all of us.
 Faith is to believe in what makes no sense at all. 


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