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Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 1 of 5: The Making of a Spring Evening Gown

Day 1 of 5

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, in celebration of Spring 2015, I will be attempting to design, and create a dress all within 5 days. The challenge is to have it completed by the first day of Spring ( this Friday, March 20).

The dress I am designing, is inspired by the beautiful pink cherry blossoms of Japan. The color palette is soft, sweet, and very pink. The fabrics chosen, are vintage embroidered lace, organza, and chiffon.  I also found pink silk flowers in the flower aisle and would like to somehow incorporate them into the dress.  I will most likely be adding other materials as I go along and my vision changes.

Day 1, was a slow day.  I felt a bit of frustrated, as my mind was blocked with the direction of my design. I only finished the top portion of lace, which is shaped to my frame. I did also attach a zipper in the back. However, I did not have time to finish the inner linings or add any details. Tomorrow will need to be met with more speed and efficiency to make up for lost time. Stay tuned!

Wish me luck, ❤


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