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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 3-5: More Beading, loosing my mind, and sneak peak of bottom half.

Day 3 of 5:

I am undeniably feeling the pressure, and quickly losing my mind. I am a perfectionist, and have no sense of time. In my head, my vision of 'the dress' is extremely intricate, whimsical, and full of unbelievable beadwork.  Unfortunately, I am not a magical elf with time defying sewing skills, and 5 days seems quite impossible. 
I wish I could dedicate 24 hrs/day to this dress, but with work, and life, it is not working out that way.
Leave it to me, to speak before thinking, but regardless, I am pushing myself to the brink of insanity to  somehow get this done by Friday. 
Overcome with huge stress that only two days remain, I surprisingly accomplished quite a bit today. This is off topic, but  isn't it amazing how much you can accomplish with deadlines and stress? Just when you think its impossible and can't be done, you somehow accomplish it,and surprise yourself. Of course it is probably at the cost of about a year of my life, but I do believe it is a sign of reaching a higher level of self achievement. 


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