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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Introducing Lisa Marie Jewelry: Interview with Lisa Rough

It is not often a jewelry brand gets me excited enough to request an interview with the designer; however, after discovering this beautiful turquoise pendant (above photo) from Lisa Marie Jewelry, I was curious to find out more. 
I was drawn to this necklace because of the large turquoise stone that spoke to me in a poetic way. If you look carefully you can notice the stone is cracked in the middle, and yet the beauty is somehow preserved by a golden crown that mends the two pieces together. It spoke to my current life situation,  and reminds me that "broken" is beautiful and giving up is never an option. 

"Each piece is uniquely designed by me with current, contemporary fashion in mind. It is made with the intention to remain a classic piece for years to come." -Lisa Rough

Lisa Marie Jewelry is created entirely by Orange County based designer, Lisa Rough. As a stay at home mom, she found it as an opportunity to be creative, while making a little extra money on the side. 
Her style is unique, contemporary and classic. You will notice almost all her designs are made of quality natural elements and all by hand. There is an earthy feeling to her collection, with whimsical touches of femininity and spirituality. 
Unlike mass produced factory accessories, there is something fulfilling about wearing jewelry made by a real person. I especially appreciate her "beachy" themes infused with positive messages and charms with words like, "love" or "believe". Her religious and spiritual background can also be spotted in her works.

"Well I would say I'm torn between Bohemian style and more elegant. It just depends on the outfit and mood. I tend to like simple, light layering for a more feminine look and more chunky for a casual look." -Lisa Rough

                                        Religious Influence 

" -it represents my spirituality, which infuses my creativity" -Lisa Rough

"I choose by quality, color, vibrancy and texture." -Lisa Rough

                                        Ocean Inspiration

Many pieces have strong influences from the beaches in California and Maui. 

"not just in California, but Maui where we spend as much time as possible." 
-Lisa Rough

Lisa Marie jewelry can be found at :

The Blue Eyed Girl
      San Juan Capistrano 
      Laguna Beach
      Laguna Niguel
      Newport Beach
Evas Trunk
      Costa Mesa
Twig and Willow
       Long Beach
Ruth Waters
       Long Beach
Reflections hair salon
       Dana Point

Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Say it With a Sock (Sock of the Month Club)

Recently, I was contacted by Sock of the Month Club, Say it With a Sock and asked to review their product. Here is my mixed review summarized in my 3 W's (Who, What, and Wish it or Not?) 


 Say it with a Sock, is a brand started from love, and spreading love. The creators and 
founders are a young couple based in Los Angeles, and currently traveling the world.
 (Read their blog


As a monthly club they send quality socks from brands like, Happy Socks, Richer Poorer, Sock it to Me, and Zulu Zion. 
The charm of this particular sockscription, lies in its cozy details.
Each month you or someone special, will be sent a sock accompanied by an adorable linen bag. 
You will then have the option to attach a card, with a customizable, handwritten message.
Think Valentines-Gram but for socks, and monthly.

The aim of the company is to add positivity in tiny forms of monthly surprises for your feet.
 There is something quite nostalgic about this entire concept and it has me flashback
to my school days of sending and receiving littles notes and gifts between friends.


I love the concept of sending handwritten messages among friends, accompanied by a monthly sock surprise. It is such a sweet way to warm someone's heart while warming their feet too. 

However, if we get critical, and very honest, would I personally join the monthly sock club? No. 
My reasoning is very simple. I am a picky person and enjoy the thought process of chosing what I like. Although, the sock is good quality and comfortable, it is not my style, and therefore will not be of much use.( See above photo) Subscription type fashion is hard to get right, and my  fear lies in the monthly arrival of items that will never be used. 
Fashion for me is very personal and my style is particular. Only  very close friends can pick up on the quirks and  particulars that excite me.

I have attached a photo below of a tiny glimpse into one of my sock drawers. Can you spot my sock 


Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Be Yourself in What You Wear

Everyone talks about what's currently hot, or on trend, but what about YOU? Where do you lie in the mix of it all? Chasing the confusing world of fashion is endless, exhausting, and costly.  It is only in the realization of yourself, and identity can you regain control. Would it not be great to discover who you are, and what you really want? What's your fashion trademark and how can you get one?

Firstly, let me clarify, being identified by your peers as 'fashionable', does not necessarily mean you are. If you copy someone else's style ideas, you are simply that, 'a copy'. It is easy to do, the effect is successful, but you are left completely unoriginal. Having a lot of money makes things a lot easier as well. Money allows you the finest designers, and access to the most refined fashion minds. Looking the part makes you feel the part, but let me ask you? If life is a stage, who's life are you portraying? Are you living your life or are you simply a masterful actor/actress?

Here are my 5 basic tips to finding style that is everything YOU!

1.) Start from Scratch.
Wipe your slate clean. We are starting from zero guys and fresh. Whatever, preconceived notion you may have about trends, or what you can or cannot wear, throw it out. You have no rules, and they do not own you. 

2.) It's all about instincts.
Don't look to your right, don't look to your left, and put down your i-phone. Gosh darn it what do you feel? It's time to find that basic, raw, instinct that lies deep in all of us. Do YOU like it? Do YOU think it is cool? Do YOU feel a trigger of excitement? Our instincts know who we are. It is only in our need to be accepted that we get lost.

3.) Be brave.
Doing your own thing, is a scary thing. Life is easier following a crowd, whether it be right or wrong, it feels safe. Taking a chance and being different opens you up for ridicule and failure. However, lets not be mislead, a life lived by following the choices of others in not LIVING at all. Everything in life worth experiencing is somewhat scary. 

4.) Go Vintage.
The best way to train your fashion skills is to go shopping at a vintage or thrift store. What? Even if you may not buy anything, this is a great way to figure out what you like,  free of any mind blocks. A thrift store or vintage, is unique in its HUGE variety of style, covering many decades and various genres. You are free to mix and match anything and the inspirational juices find no limits. If its your first time, don't feel bad if your instinctual reaction is unresponsive. It can be very challenging at first, and you may draw a total blank. Creativity will grow as you challenge your mind to think on its own. 

5.) It's Personal.
Like life, you have the choice to include yourself as little or as much as you want. Personalizing your fashion choices is in essence the inclusion of yourself in your clothing choices. Feel free to rip off a sleeve or two. Crop it, add fabric, bows, beads,etc. If there is something you feel that will bring it to the next level, just do it!