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Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Say it With a Sock (Sock of the Month Club)

Recently, I was contacted by Sock of the Month Club, Say it With a Sock and asked to review their product. Here is my mixed review summarized in my 3 W's (Who, What, and Wish it or Not?) 


 Say it with a Sock, is a brand started from love, and spreading love. The creators and 
founders are a young couple based in Los Angeles, and currently traveling the world.
 (Read their blog


As a monthly club they send quality socks from brands like, Happy Socks, Richer Poorer, Sock it to Me, and Zulu Zion. 
The charm of this particular sockscription, lies in its cozy details.
Each month you or someone special, will be sent a sock accompanied by an adorable linen bag. 
You will then have the option to attach a card, with a customizable, handwritten message.
Think Valentines-Gram but for socks, and monthly.

The aim of the company is to add positivity in tiny forms of monthly surprises for your feet.
 There is something quite nostalgic about this entire concept and it has me flashback
to my school days of sending and receiving littles notes and gifts between friends.


I love the concept of sending handwritten messages among friends, accompanied by a monthly sock surprise. It is such a sweet way to warm someone's heart while warming their feet too. 

However, if we get critical, and very honest, would I personally join the monthly sock club? No. 
My reasoning is very simple. I am a picky person and enjoy the thought process of chosing what I like. Although, the sock is good quality and comfortable, it is not my style, and therefore will not be of much use.( See above photo) Subscription type fashion is hard to get right, and my  fear lies in the monthly arrival of items that will never be used. 
Fashion for me is very personal and my style is particular. Only  very close friends can pick up on the quirks and  particulars that excite me.

I have attached a photo below of a tiny glimpse into one of my sock drawers. Can you spot my sock