Friday, August 21, 2015

FWI: Tips and Tricks on Styling Dresses Up or Down

Fashion Week of Innovation

Dresses are a funny thing. They have a very distinct character, and very rigid rules.  For example, if you are invited to a wedding, you search for the perfect dress, considering the venue, time, and season. A cocktail dress can only be worn at cocktail hour, and evening dresses can only be worn at formal events, while sun dresses can only be worn in the sun. There are so many rules,  that "usually" most of all your dresses end up quietly collecting dust and disappearing from your closet memory. 

Before you start classifying your dress as a "one time only" waste of money, here are a few ways to add new life, and transform it into different shapes and styles, perfect for multiple events!


The easiest way to dress down a dress and make it casual,  is to add a denim top. You can wear it over the dress as a casual jacket, tied at the waist, or under the dress letting the collar peek through. 
You can pair the look with simple ballet flats or Keds flats and it is an adorable day look. (It is also a fun, effortless way to transform a look into evening. Just bring a pair of heels and remove the denim top and the transformation is complete.


Cocktail dresses are fun and sexy but unfortunately, not quite "formal" enough to be worn at gala events, or can they?

The transformation is as easy as adding a long, transparent skirt and other formal accessories.  The added length, makes it instantly Gala appropriate. Style with a glamorous clutch, corresponding heels, make-up and an elegant up-do.


Adding a dress vest is the quickest way to take a rather fancy, feminine dress, and make it modern, cool and edgy. It is unexpected and interesting for the eyes. You can pair such a look with an edgier open toe stiletto. 

4.) Crop Top Magic

Strapless dresses are sexy, but the exposed skin does create limiting situations it can be worn. Try styling it with a beautiful crop top, and it will easily transform a sexy dress, and make it conservative. the look is sleek, contemporary, and minimalistic. 

5.) Beaded, Ornate, Tops

A simple black, jersey, sundress can instantly be cocktail ready by adding an ornately embellished crop top over it. 
I am addicted in searching for beaded pieces in vintage shops, simply because, they are the key in changing an outfit from ordinary, to extraordinary. No fuss, practical, wearable style, that is multifunctional. 




  1. Instead of a jeans jacket I always go for leather because that's what I feel comfortable in :)
    I didn't know about dress vests but it does sound like a genius idea!


    1. Hi Barbs!
      yes, leather is the edgier choice. dress vests are a fun way to add texture to a simple look! take care, and I really like your blog as well!


  2. These are great tips. :) x