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Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Steps on Dressing Like a Runway Girl!

In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, lets talk runway!

5 Steps on Dressing Like a Runway Girl

Step 1:

Think like a runway girl. 
Your life is no longer a monotonous day, filled with dreaded steps. View your life as a stage, and you are the star. Walk a little straighter, strut a little harder, and be fierce!
The attitude you feel, is projecting much harder than you realize. 

Step 2: 

Clothes, shoes, accessories!

Analyze your wardrobe by Season. Put away all your Spring/Summer wardrobe, and display only Fall/Winter wear. Creating an entire outfit contains: shoes, accessories, socks, bag, and outfit. Organize a look together, with the accompanying shoe below it. Runway Backstage is chaotic, but the clothes are not. Life is also chaotic, so stay organized!

Step 3:


Don't forget your hair! Your hair is a crucial part of your look . You can be as eccentric as you wish, or as minimal as you desire, but don't forget it!
Most people do not realize, how powerful their hair style is. A lot of your character projected, is influenced by how you style your hair. 
A short bob, cut with straight lines, creates a harsher look, and makes you look powerful, while long soft waves, creates a more romantic softer look. 

Step 4:
Make up!

Know when to add drama to your face and when to pull it down. One of my most favorite qualities on the runway, is the use of the most natural make-up juxtaposed to the most theatrical. Make up is not always about making yourself prettier. Sometimes it is about creating a vibe, or "character". 
When people normally put on their make up they are thinking about hiding imperfections and fooling the world that  they are some how flawless. What about character?
Why not approach make up in a more theatrical way? What do you feel today? Sexy? Modest? Sweet? Powerful? Crazy? 

Step 5:


If I am completely honest, I do not like nail polish. However, I cannot tell you enough, your nails are part of the entire look. Whether it be the most minimal nail, to the most dramatic, the attention to these small details, bring your look to the next level. A tiny bit of color on the tips of your finger, add just the right touch of movable color. 



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