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Friday, September 25, 2015

Fashion Diet: Candy Binge and Getting Back on Track

    What happened to Maya's healthy fashion recipes for September Fashion Diet Series? 

I have a confession, I fell off the wagon. This entire week has been a complete failure, filled with stress and poor eating choices. I decided to write about it; because, failure is perhaps the most important issue to overcome, while pursuing a specific goal. 

 Failure is inevitable, but it  is not the final result. There's no need to beat yourself up, or throw in the towel. The game is not over, in fact, it's just begun. The key lies in two facts:

1.) Don't give up.
2.) Analyze where you went wrong, why, and make a new strategy! This part is really important because until you know where the problem is and why, you cannot possibly know what changes to make. 

If I analyze my diet failures, 90% of my weight gain is due to stress, and 10% laziness. When I feel good, I enjoy cooking healthy, eating right, and making all the right decisions. It's easy. However, when things get overwhelming, stress builds, and energy goes down. These are the moments that will power is tested  and bad choices are often made. 
I have done this in my past, and thus, most of the junk food has  been cleared out from my kitchen. However, recently I purchased a huge bag of candy for Halloween, and you can only guess what happened next...
Currently surrounded by piles of candy wrappers, I'm feeling pretty guilty and rather stupid, but there are a couple of more days in September and the diet will resume. Stay tuned for more of my healthy recipes!