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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Pick Your Own Fall Fashion Colors

What does Fall Fashion mean to you? Every season we are flooded by fashion gossip murmuring the latest colors of the moment, but the million dollar question is, what colors do you want?

For me, picking colors for each season is all inspired by nature.  Growing up in Southern California, we have very minimal seasonal change. As great as it is to have sun, all day everyday, it did leave me oblivious to the miracle that mother nature conducts 4 times a year. 

As the seasons change the colors found in nature are also changing. Fall, is bursting with warm colors of crimson yellow, cerulean blue, burgundy, brown, blood orange, and deep violet. These are the melodies of Fall, and incorporating the corresponding colors in your wardrobe is like dancing through the season.

Be inspired. Fashion is like painting your own scenic portrait. Think about what you love about Autumn. Is it pumpkin spice? Falling leaves? Crisp Cool air? Try pulling the colors from things that you love and add it to your seasonal wardrobe!