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Saturday, September 12, 2015

What is Beautiful and Why it Matters

 Today is one of those no make-up late nights where I can't sleep, and I am looking at you, looking at me, wondering one thing. 
Do you ever wonder about what "beauty" really is? Now a days, people seem to have a rather shallow interpretation of beauty and the meaning of it is getting lost in the abyss of sexual appeal.

The confusion lies between the blurred lines of attraction. Beauty is a higher form of attraction and magnetism. It is a sensation that inspires, mesmerizes, and takes our breath away. It is untouchable and yet connects our senses to nature, ourselves, and people. It can reference music, art, nature, love, people and the soul. Moonlight reflected on a lake is beautiful. Freshly fallen snow is beautiful. Eyes that smile are beautiful. 

Sexual appeal is also a form of attraction, but this is based on our physical urges stemming from reproduction. It is primitive, animalistic, and simplistic. This is the form of beauty most people relate to. Humans want to be liked, and by nature, want to be desired. Beauty in society  is often misinterpreted by this sexual power, and fall into the trap of body obsession.  Enhancing the breasts, lips, or posterior is a result of that and an example of a rather twisted interpretation on beauty. 

Transforming into caricatures verses embracing our natural beauty, is a rather terrifying epidemic of misplaced desires. 



  1. Sometimes I can't sleep and I waist my time thinking about different things. Good post and really true words.

    1. hi mybeautytrip,
      thanks for your comment! no sleep can create amazing ideas, bizarre ones, and a bit of paranoia. lol. take care.