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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Daily: 5 Costume Ideas from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Halloween is just 3 days away, and despite no longer being a child, dressing up as someone else is always a fun thing to do. Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's, I picked 5 favorite looks that would make excellent halloween costumes. Not quite "scary" as costumes, but does it really matter? In the states, Halloween is not limited to scary, and pretty much every type of costume is acceptable. 
This year, don't waste your money buying a cheap made costume. Rummage through your closet and get creative. 

                              BREAKFAST AT  TIFFANYS

We all have a simple black dress, but this look also requires several strands of pearls. This is a very popular look to copy, but for some reason no one is ever holding a coffee and croissant. This rather annoys me, because, "hello?" the title is "Breakfast" at Tiffany's. Don't forget your breakfast!

                            GORGEOUS PINK BOMBSHELL

Lets be honest, this look is perfect for those who just want to look fabulous for Halloween. 
When asked, you can bring up your fancy Breakfast at Tiffany's knowledge, but it's not necessarily a costume. 

                                        FOXY LADY

This costume idea is perfect for those who are at work all day and then have to immediately go to a Halloween party. It is chic, sophisticated, and yet playful. It is a mature style of Halloween, but nevertheless still enough fun to make your night memorable. 
If you do not have a fox mask, you can easily make one yourself. 

                                        DIY FOX MASK

                                  CHIC  SLEEPY GIRL

This look requires three elements: an oversized white shirt, turquoise eye cover, and fancy ear plugs. The eye cover, can easily be made by paper, while the earplugs can be recreated by using earplugs, and gluing tassels to them. 

                                         MOON RIVER

Possibly the most comfortable costume ever, all you need are sweats, a towel, and a guitar. If you can hum a bit of "Moon River" , even better.

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall Styling!


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