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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Daily: 5 Ways to Style Happiness into Your Life

Like a distant rainbow, happiness is a never ending chase towards the beauty of life. It is an emotion, an attitude, and a direction. 
The thing most of us do not realize is, it is also a way of life. The choices we make, no matter how minuscule, are creating future responses that trigger various emotions. 
 Our 5 human senses: sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch work as doors that welcome or reject happiness. Here are 5 ways to inject a bit of happiness into your life. 


What do you see? 
Are you wearing something that lifts your spirits, or is it just another "whatever" type lounge-wear? 
What we see can make us laugh, smile, or just spark positive changes in mood. 
It may be the color, design, word, or style, but the key is knowing what works for you. 
Surround yourself with beautiful scenery, uplifting home decor, and clothes you love. It is sure to lift your spirits. 


Eat Happiness.
We all have that little treat that is sure to put a smile on our face. The happiness may only last an instant, but during hard times, those moments will be your savior. 
Eat healthy, cook with love, and start eating yourself some happiness. 


Smells Happy?
Perfumes are a very complex matter. Each smell will create a different emotion, and differentiating which is which, takes a bit of maturity. The easiest way to describe a happy smell, is by using the "smile meter". You may not pin point why it is making  you feel happy, but you should be able to instantly feel your spirits lift.


A Touch of Happiness.
All throughout the day we touch things. More than we realize, these textures are effecting our mood. Pick clothing fabrics that feel good to your touch, and make a mental note. These touch signals push positivity in your day, rather than annoyance. 


Sounds like Happiness?

Just as loud pounding music in the middle of the night can drive you insane, sweet lovely music can chirp delight. I highly recommend creating a playlist of "happy" music for those days something dreadful is brewing and you just don't have time to spiral into a depression. 
 No disrespect to sadness, brewing in misery with amazingly sad music is also a killer experience. 
It's all a matter of timing, and knowing when and where to listen to what. 

Join me tomorrow for more Daily Fall Style!


PS: The quickest way for an instant smile is taking your lipstick on your bathroom mirror and drawing a tiny happy face. I know it sounds ridiculous, but is that not the point? Anyways, I guarantee it will trigger a tiny chuckle and before you know it, you are smiling. :)

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